Stripes Pro Photo Expedition

Kanha National Park                                                       6N / 7D

Kanha Tiger Reserve is famous for its wilderness and free roaming wild animals which can be seen and photographed without much difficulties. Flora and Fauna of Kanha attracts photographers from all over the world. Photographers – both amateurs and professionals come to Kanha to photograph tiger and other wildlife.

For professional wildlife photographers we have specialised packages wherein they can utilise their full time in wildlife photography without wasting the noon time.

Day 1: You reach Kanha Village Eco Resort by noon where you get a warm traditional welcome. Today we have orientation about Kanha national park and its flora and fauna and also prepare for our photography expedition of next few days.

Day 2: Early morning we leave for the core area of Kanha tiger reserve. Remember we will be coming back only by late evening so keep all your photography gear in perfect condition. We will be carrying our breakfast and lunch along with some snacks which we can have at designated spots inside the park. We do not have any zone restrictions on us and can go to all areas open for tourism.

Day 3: Today is our second safari to Kanha national park. Again being a full day safari we will have to go fully prepared. The biggest advantage to professional photographers here is that they are not wasting any time in the noon as well as they get extra 20 min in the morning and evening. Our guide and naturalist will track tigers along with other wildlife. Spotting Leopard, Sloth beer, Jungle cat, Jackals, Gaur and others is easy and you can photograph these wild animals very comfortably.

Day 4: We leave for the core area of Kanha for our third full day safari today. Kanha national park was created keeping in mind the excellent flora and fauna preserved in this area and especially keeping in mind the tiger friendly landscape here. Kanha forests have 22 known species of mammals, 259 species of birds and many others. In winters spotting migratory birds like black stork and many water fouls is easy.

Day 5: On our fourth full day safari we will be tracking tigers and be on lookout of those rare moments which any photographer or wildlife lover would never like to miss. March – April is a perfect time to photograph local birds since most of the figs are fruiting. Mahua and Palash trees flower in this season and attract host of birds and butterflies. Kanha has 117 known species of butterflies which can be photographed early morning or late evening.

Day 6: We will be going in the core area on our 4 x 4 Gypsy with guide and naturalist for our last safari of the package tour. Kanha national park is famous for keeping people enthralled and you will never feel tired even after 5 days of excursion from dawn to dusk. By now you will hae a good collection of some rare and exotic photographs of Indian wildlife. Flora and fauna of Kanha national park gives you opportunity to photograph free roaming wildlife in their forest home.

Day 7: After a good rest we will prepare for leaving for our next destination. In last 5 days we would have seen almost all the corners of Kanha forest available for tourism but will not be satisfied and would certainly want to stay back.

Note: Same kind of wildlife photography expedition can also be planned for other tiger reserves of Centra India namely Bandhavgarh tiger reserve, Pench tiger reserve and Panna tiger reserve or a tailor made package can be developed covering two or more of national parks.

            If you want an experienced  naturalist can be arranged (on payment of naturalist charges) to accompany and guide you to wildlife of the park to help in photography. In these whole day wildlife photography excursion packages maximum 3 guests can go at a time or 2 guests can be accompanied by our naturalist.