Pench National Park

With Pench river meandering through this famous tiger forest Pench national park and tiger reserve is famous for its dry deciduous Teak forests and spotting wildlife. Situated in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra states of India, Pench is easily accessible from Nagpur and Jabalpur.

Leopard in Central Indian forests

Pench forests have been covered in many famous books including Rudyard Kipling’s – The Jungle Book. Although a very late entrant under the umbrella of Project Tiger, good management has bought it in the forefront of tiger conservation in India. Today tourists throng over from all corners of the world to enjoy the natural heritage and spot the king of the forest – Tiger in its natural home.

Munia in Indian jungles

Pench is situated in southern reaches of Satpura ranges and covers 758 Sq Km of which 299 Sq Km is the core area. This Teak mixed forest has species like Mahua, saja, lendia, haldu, dhaora, salai, aonla, amaltas, bamboo, kulu and many different grasses, plants and bushes. Pench has a good variety of wildlife including 39 mammals, 13 reptiles, 210 species of birds and many others.