Responsible wildlife tourism

Responsible wildlife and adventure tourism

Wildlife tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors in tourism industry. Most of these wilderness places where tourism is conducted are very fragile eco system with lots of pressure on them from different sides mostly human induced once due to poaching, over population, climatic changes, habitat loss, livelihood pressure and many other like these. With increasing stressful life and decreasing greenery around cities more and more people are taking wildlife tourism holidays as they find them very relaxing, both physically and mentally. This increasing tourism has also started putting pressure on the local landscape and bio-diversity. At places where lot many wildlife lodges have cropped up the local eco system has faced the maximum loss.

When we talk about Tiger tourism in India, in recent times a lot of awareness has been created amongst general public. But, still at many places damage has been done and many corridors have been damaged due to earlier negligence. Now the government and stake holders have started working and are trying to reverse some of earlier losses. We at Stripes holidays are a part of the initiative and are creating awareness amongst all stake holders be they from local people or tourism industry to take immediate steps to set right what has been wronged and further development be done keeping the fragile eco-system in mind.

We at Stripes Holidays are very careful about our planning and commissioning of our wildlife adventure tours and keep responsible tourism always on the fore front before deciding on any holiday tour package. From using a percentage of our income for wildlife conservation to using some funds for development of local people or using some for awareness campaigns, is what, we always do. Most of the properties we use work with responsible tourism guidelines and have been recognised by leading agencies as following responsible and eco-tourism practises to its best. We try our best to use vehicles owned by local people for transportation.

We request all to follow in their own way responsible practices to save our Mother Earth from our harmful activities and request all especially once who come for wildlife photography expeditions to use their photographs in spreading awareness about wildlife and conservation.

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